Have A Photo Booth For Your Next Party or Event!




1. They are fun!Obviously, your event is going to be a blast! Having a photo booth escalates the fun to a whole new level!  For some reason, people let loose when they get in front of a camera. 


2. To Capture the event. Throughout the day/night every group of guests are able to jump in front of the camera and capture the moment.  When the night is done you will have prints and a usb of prints to forever remember how much of a success your event was and how much fun all your guests had!


3. Share the moment with those who can't attend. You'll be able to post your pictures on Facebook immediately, so those friends who aren't able to attend with you will be able to see all the fun you're having.


4. Great gift for your guests. Guests will go home with a great memento of your event. One that they'll most likely put on their refrigerator, post on their Facebook page & overall enjoy for years to come. So much better than any silly little trinket you could get them.


5. They become a destination. If you have never been to an event with a photo booth you would be surprised how quickly a table of props and a camera becomes a destination and event within itself!  Not only does the photo booth capture moments it helps to create them as well!


Now that you've decided to have a Photo Booth at your next event, be sure to contact us for a quote. We will provide you with a fair, honest, affordable option to provide a photo booth rental for your function.

MEET Kristen Chang-Kit  I am a freelance photographer/videographer in North York & also service the GTA and surrounding area. My goal is to turn special moments into a work of art, and exceed expectations. I look to bring out personalities and emotions, capturing moments filled with energy, joy and beauty. Special moments happen once, and a head shot can be someones first impression, so I take pride in my craft and bring a professional and fun attitude. Taking care of each and every client, leaving you with an amazing experience and and an everlasting product. 


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